Wall ties, also known as brick ties, are used in buildings with cavity walls. It plays an important role in providing stability to the structure despite being hidden after construction. Before wall tie replacement, you must check whether you have a cavity or a solid brick wall. Here are several aspects of wall tie replacement you should know.

Wall Ties Replacement

Important Facts You Should Know About Wall Ties:

1. What are the signs of wall tie failure?

Though identifying wall tie failure is difficult, the most common sign of this is the appearance of horizontal cracks in the outer wall of a building. Professional surveyors use equipment like endoscopes to determine the wall tie condition. Horizontal cracks, bowing out brick walls, and lifting or sagging lintels indicate damaged wall ties.

2. What are the Reasons for Wall Tie Failure?

Wall tie failure can be due to some issues with the construction or installation of ties or because of corrosion.

  • Construction Issues: Wall ties can fail if they aren’t installed during construction or other related issues like incorrect spacing, installing inappropriate size of wall ties, use of poor quality mortar, or not providing a strong bond for the ties.
  • Corrosion: Using wall ties made from mild steel can rust within 20 years of construction, leading to horizontal cracks and compromising the structure’s load-sharing capacity.

3. How Long Do Wall Ties Last?

In the last few years, wall ties have seen many developments in designs and composition.

  • Old Milled Steel Ties: These ties were used to construct houses built between 1930 and 1980. These start to corrode within 15 to 20 years.
  • Modern Stainless Steel Ties: Post 1980, maximum wall ties were made using corrosion-resistant stainless steel. These can last for over 50 years.
  • Neoprene Wall Ties: Wall ties are manufactured using stainless steel components and expanding neoprene ends. These are the best option because of the speed and ease of installation while providing longevity.

4. Prevention of Wall Tie Failure

Early detection of wall tie failure can turn out to be less expensive and easier to deal with. If not diagnosed properly, a damaged wall tie can even collapse the outer leaf wall.

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