Wall ties are a crucial part of any structure and should be regularly inspected to ensure they remain effective. They are the unseen and often unnoticed components that help tie the internal and external ends of a cavity wall together. They are designed to accommodate slight movements depending on temperature fluctuations and restrict water entry from external sources. 

It is essential to be aware of the signs that wall ties need replacing so that you can take action and make sure your home or building is safe—the movement you notice these signs, hire professionals for wall tie replacement in Hampshire. 

Here are four signs that indicate when it’s time to replace wall ties.

Wall Ties replacement

What are the signs of wall tie replacement? 


This is one of the first signs of wall tie failure and indicates that the wall tie has become corrupted or weakened. Cracks in the mortar joints around the area where the wall tie got installed suggest that it needs to be replaced immediately. When you notice a break in the joints, you must call an expert to mend the same. 


If you notice movement or separation between different parts of a structure, this may also indicate that wall ties need replacing. Wall ties provide stability, and if they are not working correctly, this could cause instability, leading to further damage if left unchecked. 


If there is visible rust on the surface of a wall tie, then this indicates moisture has entered the system and corrosion has occurred. This means it needs to be replaced with a new, corrosion-resistant model as soon as possible. 


Suppose you notice deterioration in other parts of the structure where a wall tie is installed, such as cracks in plaster ceilings or stripping paintwork. In that case, this could mean that something isn’t right with your existing wall ties, and they need replacing before more severe damage occurs. 

It’s essential to address these issues quickly to prevent more severe damage from occurring later. By inspecting your existing wall ties for any signs of weakening or corrosion and replacing them promptly if required, you can help protect your home or property from future problems caused by faulty wall ties.

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