Wall ties are an important feature in most residential properties. They maintain the structural integrity of the wall and improve its stability. The only concern with wall ties is that they can get affected by moisture and start rusting after many years of use. 

Replace Damaged Wall Ties Without Delay:

As a homeowner, you might spot the first signs of wall tie decay through a rusty wall surface. Upon observing the sign, you must not wait to contact an expert in wall tie replacement in Hampshire. Ignoring a damaged cavity wall tie can be the potential cause of different safety hazards.

Crucial Steps of Wall Tie Replacement in Properties:

Wall tie replacement is a systematic approach to replacing the corroded components from the wall. It consists of several steps, which we have discussed below. 

Step 1: Wall Tie Survey 

This is the initial procedure, where a professional will arrive at your home and observe the extent of the damage. They will examine your property thoroughly, with special attention to the wall tie. Upon examination, the experts will discuss the next steps.

Step 2: Planning to Install Wall Ties

The wall tie replacement plan depends greatly on the observations of the professionals. Based on your structure, they will determine the most appropriate method of wall tie replacement. They take note of several crucial factors including:

  • The type of existing wall ties
  • The degree of wall tie failure
  • Condition of the masonry and construction work

Step 3: Wall Tie Replacement 

After the observations comes the main part, where the damaged wall ties are removed from the walls and a professional surveyor drills holes in the mortar joints of the brickwork. This step is useful for inserting the new stainless steel ties without damaging the whole wall surface. For a seamless finish, the surveyor fills the hole with a colour-matched mortar.

Step 4: Post Replacement Survey

To be extra sure, it is important to conduct a final inspection after installing a new wall cavity tie. It ensures that the process has been performed correctly. This inspection is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your property. 

As you can see, replacing a wall tie consists of multiple steps. It is an important step to secure the external and internal walls of the property. To get help from the professionals, you should consult Davies Pointing Services. We are a trustworthy name for wall tie replacements in Hampshire and its adjacent areas. To learn more, you can visit our website.