Cavity wall ties play a vital role in ensuring the stability of a building’s outer leaf. It is a critical component as the two leaves of the wall cannot act simultaneously to resist loading without them. This would eventually weaken the wall. Hiring a reliable company for wall ties replacement in Hampshire.

Cavity Wall Ties

Problems That Needs To Be Avoided:

Here are the problems that generally occur because of the incorrect use of wall ties.

  • Incorrect tie specification: This means a tie that does not have sufficient capacity for the building’s height, type and geographical location. This can overload the ties that can cause potential failure.
  • Insufficient embedment in mortar joint: This can affect the performance of the wall ties adversely. This can be because either the incorrect length of a wall tie making minimum embedment in each leaf impossible or the correct length tie but with over-embedment in one leaf causing less than minimum embedment in the other.
  • Insufficient quantity of ties: The installation of insufficient quantities of wall ties, especially at wall heads and around openings, can reduce the overall lateral capacity of the wall.

If you face any problems mentioned above, take remedial action immediately, as this can cause serious structural problems.

Wall Tie Spacing and Positioning

There must be at least 2.5 ties per square metre in cavity walls where both leaves are 90mm or thicker. The maximum horizontal spacing is 900mm, whereas the vertical spacing is 450mm. However, this may be different if needed as per the Building Regulations. The ties must be distributed evenly near the wall area, except around openings, in a staggered pattern.

The wall tie pattern must be changed around openings like doors, windows, roof verges, unbonded edges and un-tied vertical movement joints. The vertical spacing is decreased to a maximum of 300mm here, and ties mustn’t exceed 225mm from the edge of the opening. This generally means there’s a wall tie to each layer of blocks within 225mm of the opening. Spacing can be relaxed at vertical movement joints where the joint has a debonded tie spanning it.

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