While constructing a property, the main aim of a contractor is to hold its structural integrity. Using the finest quality materials is the key, but there are other structural requirements. One of these is to establish wall ties while constructing the vertical surface of the property.

 More About the Importance of Wall Ties:

Wall ties are metallic structures placed between a property’s vertical surfaces. These are subject to exposure to natural elements and moisture after many years of use. As a result, the repercussions can be extensive and lead to extensive damage. In order to prevent your wall from collapsing, wall tie replacement in Hampshire is the most practical choice.

How to Look Out for a Damaged or Failing Wall Tie?

With the help of a wall tie survey, it would be easier to identify the underlying causes of your internal fixtures. You can receive a timely update about the condition of your wall tie and take suitable steps for improvement. You can find the ways of identifying wall tie failure in the following section.

  • Horizontal Cracks: You might spot horizontal crack patterns across the mortar joints as an initial sign. While you may find different cracks, the stepped patterns are the most crucial. It signals a major issue of the strength and integrity of the wall. As a homeowner, you must look for cracks and bulges in the external masonry. These are some of the initial signs of a corroding wall tie.
  • Distortion of Window and Door Frames: Problems with your wall ties are not exclusive to the external appearance of the walls only. You can spot multiple problems within the vital fixtures of the property, too. One of the common issues among them is the distortion of the window or the door frame. These situations need immediate attention and a complete wall tie survey from a professional source.
  • Bowing or Bulging Walls: This is another common feature that indicates your wall ties are failing. A bulge on the wall surface essentially means that your wall is not getting enough support to keep itself stable. You might want to check if your wall ties are in their best shape with the help of a survey.

These are a few ways to identify whether your wall ties are functioning up to its mark. If you find some inconsistencies, head to Davies Pointing Services. We are a prominent name for wall tie replacement in Hampshire, having worked with many clients. Our professional team can look at your wall ties and replace them promptly. For more information, you can contact us today.