The cavity walls have been one of the prominent features in UK homes for several years. Now, they include a pair of thin walls with an inner and outer leaf separated by a space between them. The wires are made of steel; otherwise, they are called remedial wall ties. 

 They are used for connecting walls and making them look like one single wall. When professionals make them, cavity walls can be the most solid structure compared to normal walls. 

 Whether you need to install wall ties, want to choose the best wall ties for your home, or even looking for specialised Wall ties replacement in Hampshire, it is always important to discuss your needs with the experts who have enough knowledge on the different wall ties, how to install them and replace them when needed. 

Check the Different Types of Wall Ties 

 The wall ties are designed to help the home from damage caused by dampness and make the property heat loss resistant. These wall ties also help in making the building soundproof. The cavity walls protected by wall ties are the mainstay for most UK homes. Some of the common types of wall ties include-


 The cold-rolled and twisted tie is like a cruciform shape. These wall ties are used for protecting a building’s outer wall to the interior structure, and they are also available in different lengths as per the width of wall cavities. They are very fast and simple to fix in a given place. They can withstand enough load of tension and compression. They are best for structures made with brick, concrete and cement blocks.


 These wall ties are made with stainless steel and are part-threaded studs with the process that expands on each location. As many sizes are available, the mechanical wall ties are best for fulfilling the cavity widths.


 They are made up of stainless steel. They have resin-fix cavity wall ties, which are great while securing in place with a polyester resin bonding agent or using brick adhesives and making a strong bond.

Resin Grouted

 They are designed for re-tying cavity walls wherein the resin is fixed at both ends. These wall ties are placed inside the pilot holes already filled with resin. These ties make the walls secure and stable.

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