Cavity wall ties are integral components in the structure of a building. And they ensure that the masonry walls remain safely anchored. These ties are usually manufactured out of durable materials, such as stainless steel and so forth; they are not immune to decay and degradation over time. So, proactively knowing these signs of degradation will help you decide when you need a wall tie replacement service in Hampshire.

What Exactly are Cavity Wall Ties?

Cavity wall ties are metal components that hold together the inner and outer sections of the masonry wall together. The main function of the interior wall is to bear the structural load. The cavity wall ties ensure this load-bearing capacity is extended to the outer wall as well.

Wall ties function by transferring this stability to the outer wall. Hence, it ensures both walls maintain their position effectively. These ties are usually crafted with factors such as ground movement, temperature-related expansion, and water penetration kept in mind. Though they are usually made of durable and sturdy materials, weathering and other manufacturing factors can chip into their lifetime.

Signs Your Wall Ties Might be Suffering Decay

Let’s look at some subtle signs which might indicate your wall ties are falling.

  1. Horizontal Cracking

This is the most surefire sign of the deterioration in the wall ties. In this case, the outer leaf of the masonry tends to bulge. Consequently, horizontal cracks also surface. These cracks are found to be located at regular intervals.

  1. Lintel Drooping

If a lintel or the horizontal support begins to sag, it may indicate your wall ties have failed.

  1. Mortar Bed Separation

Another symptom of its failure could be the separation of the mortar bed from the brick or stone. This indicates wall tie corrosion.

  1. Internal Plaster Cracks

Though it is a rare symptom, wall ties in the advanced stage of corrosion may also lead to internal plaster cracks. The cracks worsen as the leaves become severely disconnected.

  1. Visible Tie Corrosion

This is the extreme case of decay in cavity wall ties. In this case, you might notice the corroded end of the tie protruding out from the mortar joint.

If you notice any of these symptoms emerge on your walls, you should not hesitate to reach out to a leading wall tie replacement service in Hampshire. Davies Pointing Service can help you out with quality work and prompt repair.