Cavity walls are functional installations that add support between two rooms. However, the modern architectural method poses a severe challenge to contractors. In most properties, they provide vital support to the main walls. However, when the internal material is affected, the wall automatically weakens.

More About Wall Ties:

The primary reason for the weakening of a cavity wall is damaged wall ties. These are internal structures made of metal that go through the wall. Due to increased moisture concentration, the wall ties can catch rust and gradually corrode over time.

Reasons for Rusty Corroded Cavity Wall Ties:

If the problems with your cavity wall tie are persistent, wall tie replacement in Hampshire is the most practical solution. Here is a detailed take on why wall ties catch rust or corrosion.

  • The Issue of Rusting:

    Rusting is a chemical reaction caused by the interaction of air with iron and water. The hydrated form of the oxide, which is rust, might appear solid. However, it is chemically brittle and weak, which can cause damage to the wall ties. The older cavity wall ties, generally made of iron, succumb to this damage more. The modern, galvanised ties are comparatively more resistant than these.

  • Things that Speed Up Rusting:

    Multiple factors can deteriorate the rust condition on the iron wall ties. These include:

  • Chloride Salts:

    Sometimes, this agent is added to the mortar as an accelerant. Even if added a small amount, chloride salts can accelerate rusting.

  • High Moisture Level:

    Corrosion and rusting occur in areas with a high moisture level. Due to moisture penetration, the part of the wall tied to the outer life faces the most rust. Condensation is another reason for the acceleration of corrosion.

  • Using Aggressive Chemicals:

    Black ash is a coal by-product used for black paint. It is sometimes added to the mortar for a better effect. However, it contains a high amount of sulphur, which can react with moisture and produce sulphuric acid. This acid corrodes the wall ties and damages the wall surface profusely.

Corroded wall ties can be a significant reason for property damage. You must use the right chemicals and construction materials to prevent this issue. For professional wall tie replacement in Hampshire, you can bank on Davies Pointing Services. We are one of the most prominent names in this field, with many successful projects. To learn more about us, you can visit our website today.