Wall ties are also popular as brick ties. They are essential for cavity wall buildings and connect the inner and outer leaves of a building. It provides stability to the building’s structure. They are generally made from stainless steel nowadays because of their corrosion-resistant properties. But the older buildings may be built using other materials. Since the early 20th century, wall ties have become standard practice in the UK. We suggest hiring a good company for wall ties replacement in Hampshire.

Wall Ties Replacement

A Quick Guide To Wall Ties and Their Functions

What are Wall Ties?

These are metal strips or bars that span your wall’s entire cavity. They are most commonly used to join the two parts of a wall. This allows them to act as a single solid unit.

How are they installed?

Wall ties are typically placed between the layers of bricks so that it reaches both sides of the cavity. This is done while building a wall. They need to be pressed down gently and then fixed with fresh mortar prior to moving ahead with the build.

How do they work?

Wall ties provide internal support as they connect two free-standing walls. It also prevents water from transferring to the outside of a wall.

What are the reasons for wall tie failure?

  • Corrosion of the existing wall ties or installation of insufficient or incorrect ones can cause wall tie failure.
  • Rust starts building up when galvanised or mild steel starts corroding, leading to its size expansion. It imposes pressure on the surrounding masonry, which causes cracking in the mortar bed.
  • Expansion in the external wall can also result in the brickwork bulging outwards.

What are the key signs of wall tie failure?

Here are some of the important and common signs you can look for to understand if your wall ties are damaged.

  • Bulging brickwork
  • Cracked brickwork
  • Structural issues
  • Rust stains on walls

How to fix the above problems?

You can install remedial wall ties after removing the existing wall ties. We suggest wall tie replacement if the problem worsens or seems to be irreparable. Here are the three most common remedial wall ties:

  • Mechanical Expansion
  • Grouted/ Resin
  • Helical

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