When constructing the wall of a property, the specialists first build the external and internal walls. Between these two, you can find a cavity known for its thermal insulation properties. Here, they also place wall ties, which hold the external and the internal walls together.


The Importance of Wall Ties:


Wall ties are vital structural elements for keeping the walls stable and upright. However, when they malfunction, your property walls may bulge, bend or lean. Consider these signs as a wake-up call to replace the wall ties of your house.


Prominent Reasons for Wall Tie Failure in Home:


To perform this task, it is advisable to contact a professional in wall tie replacement in Hampshire. Before you go with the replacement task, it is important to know the various reasons for wall tie failure. To get an idea, you can read the following section of this blog.


  • Corrosion: Moisture corrosion is the primary reason for damage to various structural elements in a home. This includes the wall ties as well. Moisture accumulates on the metallic ties between the external and internal walls. It forms rust, which significantly affects the structural integrity of the property. You may experience the problem more if the property is in a tropical location or near the sea.


  • Expansion: Metal wall tie expansion is a knock-on effect of corrosion. The wall ties tend to corrode due to moisture contact; if left untreated, the metal will expand. The expansion can affect the internal and external walls badly. It can form visible cracks or damage. Due to moisture absorption, the brickwork of the walls may also expand and influence the structural integrity.


  • Subsidence: This is another major cause of the wall tie failure. In simple terms, subsidence can be defined as the downward shifting of your property to the ground. The major cause of subsidence is the over-saturation of the ground on which your home was established. Vibrations and poor structural plans can also aggravate the problem. If the problem is left untreated, the wall ties can snap and disconnect the external and internal walls of the property.


These are some major causes of wall tie failure that you must take note of. If you face any of these problems in your home, ensure that the ties are replaced by professionals. Get in touch with Davies Pointing Services, one of the reliable sources for wall tie replacement in Hampshire. For more information about our business, you can visit our website today.