Wall ties are restraint fixings built into cavity walls. They are fixed into a frame using nails or screws. These ties aren’t visible from the exterior but play a pivotal role in ensuring the structural integrity of buildings. They provide strength and stability to a building by connecting the interior and exterior walls.

Over time, the condition of ties deteriorates due to factors like moisture, weather exposure, and material degradation. In such cases, you have to contact companies providing wall tie replacements in Hampshire. The experts can make you understand the significance of these structures.

Wall Tie Replacement: Why Should You Consider This Approach?

Below are the aspects that justify your decision of tie replacement:

  1. Combats Structural Damage:

    Wall ties are subjected to corrosion. When they corrode, they lose their capacity to hold the inner and outer layers of the wall. It results in cracking or bulging of the brickwork and impacts the building’s appearance.

Corroded ties also compromise the structural integrity of your property. Hence, you should go with a timely replacement to prevent such damage.

  1. Minimises Safety Risks:

    If your property’s wall structure is weak, it comes with significant safety risks to occupants and passers-by. There are chances of a partial or complete collapse of the wall if the degraded tie isn’t replaced on time. It may lead to accidents and severe injuries.

Hence, you should be proactive in your approach when it comes to replacing ties. This way, you minimise the likelihood of safety hazards.

  1. Enhances Property Value:

    Needless to say, structural issues deteriorate your property’s value. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, wall tie replacement is a great option. It will increase the strength of your building. Potential buyers will be inclined to pay more for a property that has undergone tie replacement.

  2. Prevents Moisture Damage:

    Corroded ties create pathways for moisture to enter the inner layers of the wall. Eventually, it results in mould growth, dampness, and rot. These problems not only affect a building’s foundation but also come with multiple health risks.

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