Lintel replacements in Poole, Dorset

Have you noticed cracks above your window panes or doors? Maybe it’s time to check whether the lintels installed on your property are still in an acceptable condition.

Secure your property at the right time

With time and constant environmental changes, steel lintels and beams age. They rust, swell, and deflect. If left unchecked or unattended for a prolonged time, they can cause cracks in your wall and loosen bricks in the structure. Only an experienced professional can reliably and safely replace these damaged lintels. At Davies Pointing Services, we guarantee you professional and stress-free lintel replacement. Our team has the expertise to carry out this job quickly and efficiently. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We serve customers across Christchurch, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Southampton and Hampshire.

Signs that indicate lintel failure

  • Bricks above and below the windows appear to be cracked or damaged
  • Cracks adjacent to the window and door frames
  • Vertical stepped cracks in the brickwork are the clearest evidence that your lintel has failed
  • When is there a need to replace lintels?

    Corroded lintels cause a lot of problems. As the rust builds up, the stress on the concrete increases, which leads to noticeable cracks. It doesn’t matter whether the lintels were improperly installed or have simply corroded over time, if not repaired or replaced in time, they can cause serious damage to your property. We also undertake wall tie installations.

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