Do you know what holds the walls of a building together? Cavity wall ties provide unseen support to a building’s walls. Even though they are an invisible element of building construction, you cannot ignore their importance. They provide stability to your walls and ensure they don’t collapse. Davies Pointing Services is a reliable company for wall tie replacement in Hampshire. Let’s dive deeper to explore more cavity wall ties.

Wall Ties Replacement

What are Cavity Wall Ties, and What are they used for?

What are cavity wall ties?

A cavity wall tie is a metal rod or strip that connects walls together. It helps provide structural support and stability to a building’s walls. They are fitted between a home’s inner and outer walls. Many people don’t know what cavity suggests. So, the cavity is nothing but the space between the two layers. These metal strips connect the two layers and hold them together.

What every building construction needs cavity wall ties?

You must ensure that your cavity wall ties aren’t broken or damaged. It can impose some serious safety risks. In such a scenario, you must replace your wall ties to keep your building’s structure intact.

These ties hold the bricks of the wall’s two layers together. This allows the wall to stand as one unit instead of two individual sections. This gives your property much-needed structural support. It helps prevent sudden collapse.

Cavity wall ties further provide better insulation, eventually reducing your energy consumption. As they support the cavity wall space, it also helps keep your property well-ventilated. This also protects your walls from dampness.

What are the primary causes of cavity wall tie failure?

You must pay attention if there is any damaged or broken cavity wall tie. This can cause cavity wall tie failure, eventually resulting in damaged masonry, loose tiles and even wall collapse if not addressed timely.

Improper installation of wall ties or poor brickwork can also cause cavity wall tie failure. Rusting and corrosion also cause wall tie failure as they are made of metal prone to corrosion when they come into contact with water.

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