Wall ties are essential components of wall construction materials. They connect the inner load-bearing part of the wall with the outer load-bearing part. With the help of wall ties, your wall gets structural stability. Nowadays, you can come across wall ties that are manufactured with stainless steel. This makes the wall ties corrosion-resistant. However, this is not a common form of wall tie that you’ll find on the walls.

For wall tie replacement in Hampshire, hire a professional who can easily fix the damaged wall ties. To know more about the wall tie failure and how to fix the same, read on.

Why does a wall tie get damaged?

For buildings where stainless steel is not being used, wall tie failure can occur anytime. The major reason is wall ties tend to get corroded. Corrosion or damage can occur if the ties are fixed insufficiently or installed improperly.

Especially when the galvanised steel used in the wall tie corrodes, there’s a build-up of rust and iron oxide in the wall ties. This increases the size of the wall ties. Significantly this creates pressure on the surrounding masonry that causes cracks to occur on the walls. Moreover, due to corrosion, the external walls also tend to bulge out when the wall ties expand. When the wall tie damage is not addressed properly or timely, it can cause a complete collapse.

Wall Tie Replacement Methods

Mechanical Expansion

This is a mechanical process where a threaded bar with sleeves is pushed into the wall through drilled holes. After that, the professionals generally turn the ties to expand the sleeves.

Helical Wall Tie Replacement

Helical ties are commonly used for wall tie replacement. The helical ties have a self-tapping property. These ties are used to anchor the building structures and stabilise the walls. This simple, easy-to-install process does not require resin or bonding. This is an effective solution for tying the cavity with solid walls.

Resin or Grouted Wall Tie Replacement

This is the process of wall tie replacement, where the wall ties are anchored between the walls with resin or grout. This is an easy process; however, there’s a downside to the same as well. They are not suitable for the cavity wall insulation process.

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