Wall ties are an essential component of cavity wall construction. They are used for connecting the inner load, and they are responsible for providing structural stability. Builders nowadays prefer using stainless steel as a major component of wall ties. Since stainless steel is rust-free, they make the ties stronger and more durable. Irrespective of the material used for wall ties, damage and failure can occur anytime. 

If the wall ties of your property have been damaged, make sure you call a professional for wall tie replacement in Bournemouth. Look out for the common signs of damaged wall ties so that you can call for immediate repair services. 

What are the Signs of Wall Tie Damage?

  • When the brickwork of the structure is cracked either horizontally or vertically
  • When there are unwanted and visible bulges on the brick structure of the property.
  • When you notice rust-stained walls on different parts of the house.
  • When you face elevation and structural problems in the building and its different parts.

How to Fix the Wall Tie Damage?

Damaged wall ties must be removed completely, and remedial measures should be taken to fix the issue. This is the most effective and fastest solution. This is known as the wall tie replacement method. When hiring professionals, they will suggest three wall tie replacement options. 

Here is a brief view of the three wall tie replacement methods types. You can opt for either of them as per your affordability. 

Mechanical Replacement Wall Ties

In this solution, a threaded bar with sleeves is put inside the wall, acting as a cavity. The builders generally drill holes in the brick walls and push the thread inside. To make them secure, the ties are turned, and the sleeves are expanded. This is known as a mechanical expander replacement wall ties solution. 

Helical Replacement Wall Ties 

This solution is used in case the wall tie damage is high. Helical ties are used in applications where there are self-tapping properties. This process creates a secure and reliable mechanical connection between the wall ties and the cavities. 

Resin or Grouted Replacement Wall Ties

This is a relatively easy method for placing resin or grouted ties to keep the wall cavities tied up. If you need cavity wall insulation, there are more feasible solutions. 

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